De verloskundigenpraktijk

Our team

Nathalie Depondt
My name is Nathalie Depondt, born and raised in Maastricht. From a young age I was certain: I wanted to be a midwife! In 2013 I qualified as a midwife at the Academy of Midwifery in Maastricht, after which I started work fulltime at a midwifery practice in Maastricht. I worked there for 2,5 years but always had the dream of opening my own practice in Maastricht. This became ‘Puur Natal’, a name representing the purity of birth and new life.

Hanneke de Witte
Just like Nathalie I have had a passion for midwifery ever since I was young, and fulfilled this dream in 2013. In the past I worked together with Nathalie in a practice in Maastricht, as well as different practices around the Netherlands. In the summer of 2017 I joined her at Puur Natal to help share the work load. In 2019 I became a mother myself to my son Jack.

Britt Kerkhofs
I too was born and raised in Maastricht. After qualifying as a midwife I moved to Eindhoven with my boryfriend. The first few years I worked at a few practices around the country, but I’m back in beautiful Maastricht now. I enjoy guiding families in this very special time in their lives.

Midwifery practice Puur Natal works closely together with other practices in the region. This way we can share our knowledge, and remain up to date on the developments within our profession. Above all, this guarantees that midwifery care is always available: In the rare case that we are unable to attend a consultation or delivery ourselves, we will make sure that a qualified colleague can take over for us.
To ensure quality, everyone who works in this practice is a member of the ‘Koninklijke Nederlandse Vereniging van Verloskundigen’.

How we work

Midwifery practice Puur Natal is a small midwifery practice with a strong aim at providing personalised care, adjusted to your needs and wishes.

We offer:

Pregnancycheck-ups at our practice or in your own home

With us, you have the option to choose whether you want your regular check-ups to take place at our practice or in your own home (free of charge). Whatever you feel most comfortable with!

check-ups as ofter as you prefer

With us, you have to option to choose how often you want your check-ups to take place. If you easily get worried and want to be seen more often, that is no problem. At every appointment we will ask you when and where (at home or at the practice) you would like your next appointment to be.

To make sure we can provide safe healthcare, we use the following schedule as a minimum:

  • until 24 weeks: every 4 weeks.
  • 24 to 30 weken: every 3 weeks.
  • 30 to 36 weken: every 2 weeks.
  • after 36 weeks: every week.

Evening clinic 2 times a week

Many people work during the day, making it difficult to take the time off for an appointment with us. For this reason we offer evening clinics at least twice a week.

Childbirth at home or in hospital, in different positions

We are experienced in providing care for deliveries at home as well as in hospital. As long as there are no complications in your pregnancy, you can choose the location of your delivery yourself. We also have ample experience in childbirth in bed, on a birthing stool and in water.

Clinic opening times

We offer appointments at our practice as well as in your own home.

Check-ups in the Clinic:
We offer two eveningclinics from 15:00h till 21:00h and one morningclinic from 08:30h till 12:00h a week.

Check-ups at home:
We do check-ups at home every saturday between 09:00h and 15:00h.


Verloskundigenpraktijk Puur Natal
Tongersestraat 18
6211 LN Maastricht

It’s possible to park for free in the private parking spaces behind the building, when available. After 6 PM you can also park for free in the Tongersestraat or the Ezelsmarkt.

Complaint procedure

We strive to keep the quality of our care as high as possible. However, if you feel unhappy with care we provided, please feel comfortable sharing this with us so that we can reach a fitting solution together.

If this doesn’t work out, you are always free to contact the complaints commission of the klachtencommissie van de KNOV (Koninklijke Nederlandse Organisatie van Verloskundigen).